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What do we do?



Incasòl, the Catalan Land Institute, is a public company owned by the Government of Catalonia that works to develop land for economic and residential activities.

Forty years of experience and the assets we manage have made us the main land developer in Catalonia.

We’re prepared to provide quality land and help promote projects that generate economic activity and jobs, and that build the city of the future, always environmentally friendly, sustainable and for the people.

terrenos logisticos cataluña


Concep, design and management of infrastructures and installations for transport and logistics.

trinitat nova barcelona


Integral management of the renewal process and improvements to inhabited urban land.

equipamientos publicos barcelona


Building and construction management of housing and other buildings for equipment or facilities.


Integrated management in developing and transforming projects land for economic activity. 

terreny residencial en venda


Integrated management in developing and transforming projects land for residential.

restauración patrimonio historico


Integrated management of processes to protect and recover architectural heritage.

Solucions globals pel territori

The experience accumulated during our participation in the evolution of Barcelona and Catalonia as a model of success recognized internationally allows us to project our work based on differentiating characteristics.

Often different actions share objectives and location. This experience allows us to improve the specific results of each project and at the same time offer global services in a transversal way.

As a result of our participation in the development of public policies and development programmes, we are able to offer public or private organisations services that allow for administrative modernisation and the training of their professionals.

Our experience in urban management, planning and public heritage management gives us the tools to define strategic territorial programmes at different scales, as well as the integral management of projects.

porjectes residencial

Independence and objectivity

Our 30 years of experience allow us to operate independently and objectively. Our history as an administration and company allows us to bring together the vision and strategy of the public sector with the capacity for economic dynamization of the private sector.

Network of collaborators

our work is supported and complemented by the professionalism of the more than 1,500 Catalan companies we collaborate with. Companies that are experts in planning, engineering and construction, with growing international prestige. We thus create a situation that fosters public-private partnerships.

Professional team

The Incasòl and Cimalsa group boasts a multidisciplinary team of more than 300 professionals covering all specialties: architects, engineers, urban planners, geographers, lawyers, economists, and sociologists and journalist.

Research and innovation

We work to improve both internally and on the projects we carry out under the concept of userbased innovation, which seeks solutions for the needs of the people. This methodology does not simply generate ideas but focuses on putting them into practice.